Testimonials from UK & International Customers.

These are all genuine and not cherry picked. Posted exactly as they were written by customers, regardless of whether they are good, bad or ugly.
Please email your comments for me to post here, thank you.

“Dear Paul, many thanks for the delivery update. I’m very pleased with the Flexirods (which were very carefully packed – a detail much appreciated). The system was very easy to use and gave my wood burner a good clean chimney with a fully restored draw – just in time for fine hot fires over Christmas. Everything is now neatly stashed in the excellent holdall, on hand for next time. Best Regards, Chris.”
Chris D.    Radley, Oxfordshire.

“Hi Paul, The rods and brush arrived quickly, and have proved to be excellent, thanks very much.”
Pete F.    Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

“Hi Paul, I bought a set of rods plus 6” flue brush last November. Unfortunately, my planned stove maintenance was delayed by family circumstances, but was tackled this summer ready for an expected increase in use this winter. Just to confirm I am very satisfied with the rod & brush combination you supplied.
Aided by your guidelines, flue cleaning was completed using your kit with no real difficulty and minimal mess. A quick wipe-down plus a carrier bag over the brush and the kit was stowed on the shed wall ready for next time.
Having worked out the best way to prepare (which took most of the time initially) I would have no hesitation tackling this job in future.
Meanwhile, I expect the rods may find other uses in between times e.g. fishing through cables and clearing down pipes, as the nylon rods offer the ideal combination of stiffness & flexibility in manageable lengths. Overall, a very useful kit to have around the home & garden. Best Regards, Steve.”
Steve P.    Chalfont St. Peter

“Paul, the Flexirods and brush arrived today. Our chimney is now clean! Your rods work just as your video shows. Our chimney has 2 /45 degree bends and they cleaned as if there was nothing there. Thanks”.
Steve H.   MO. USA

“Flexichimneyrods highly recommended. I highly recommend flexichimneyrods which I have purchased recently.
Firstly, the advice given to me before I bought the rods was very helpful. After purchasing the rods looked solid, and of good quality, they arrived well packed and fast.I have a very high chimney to sweep, 12m, and have been concerned about the best way to achieve it.
Last year the chimney was lined with high quality stainless steel 5″ lining and it had to be swept as I used the woodburner last winter.
Being concerned about this sweeping business. I researched the availability of good chimney rods and came across flexichimneyrods. The rods have to be flexible and strong, as there are three bends and the chimney is 12m high. I am grateful for the patience, first class advice and great service I have received.
Swept the chimney two hours ago and it went extremely well, matching my highest expectations.
Good and essential things come with a price tag, in overall perspective the rods (8 rods and 3 brushes) come to about a quarter of scaffolding costs not including the lining and labour if something went wrong, and above all, the chimney is well swept and safe to be used.
When the rods are put together try not to over tighten or cross thread them, just a common sense, the tapping is strong and will do well while sensibly screwed together. I highly recommend these rods and brushes, take advice if you need before you buy them, and after the purchase take good care of a very useful tool. Mark.”
Mark J.    Newhaven, E.Sussex.

“Hi Paul review for your web site. I had been thinking about sweeping my flue lined chimney myself for a long time and after searching the internet for suitable chimney rods I found Paul and his demonstration of Flexi rods on YouTube, I called Paul after viewing and asked a few more questions and after some sound advice decided to order the rods, they arrived very quickly and well packaged.
With some trepidation I started the task, removing the baffle plate from within the fire for access with thoughts of brush and rod getting stuck in the flue pipe going through my mind lol.
Well let me tell you these rods are an absolute dream to use what an earth was I worrying about it was so easy to do, the rods made their way through two dog leg angles as if they weren’t there no bother at all, the whole process took only a few minutes to do and now with peace of mind of having a freshly swept chimney with the added bonus of being able to clean it as many times a year as I like saving money in the process of doing it myself.
The initial small cost of the rods and brush will be recouped in the first year of use and this set will probably last for years. So in summary. Excellent quality product I highly recommend.”
Trevor M.    Bradford, West Yorkshire.

“I’ve just used your rods for the first time and they did a great job. I would recommend them. For feedback purposes – they were easy to use but relatively hard work to screw / unscrew them together / apart.
I’m pleased to have bought a British / European product but a storage bag would be a better gift, than the gloves. Thanks again and I hope they’ll out last me with my wood burner. Kind regards, Adam.”
Adam R.  Chlitington, Sussex.

“When I first began searching for a chimney sweep system I was concerned that I would have difficulty finding rods that would sweep my flue bends without putting undue force on them causing scaring of the lining and possibly breaking the air seal. Fortunately, I found a video demonstrating “Flexy Chimney Rods”; the material combined with the length of the rods sold me on their bending range. It’s been two seasons since I purchased them and I am happy to say that not only do they sweep all the bends in my flue, they also do it with little effort. Not only am I very happy with this product, but the customer service is also outstanding. Before purchasing, I had many questions and pictures of my system that I sent to Paul, and he was more than accommodating;  Thanks Paul.”
Vince S, WA.  USA

“Hi, I tried the flexi chimney sweep rods I bought from you a while back I found them to be very good and also they did a great job sweeping my liner so after a few sweeps they will pay for them selves. Cheers. Steve”.
Steve D. Amesbury, Wiltshire.

“Hi Paul. Thank you for dispatching the order so quickly. I received it this morning and used it straight away.I’ve been sweeping my wood burning flue for many years with a standard set of rods. Then last year we had a new flue installed and for some reason the rods refused to go up the last couple of meters. I decided to try your rods and they went up without any problem at all. I really can’t understand why but I’m very pleased and it’s set my mind at rest as I’d been worrying that heavy tar deposits might be blocking the colder end of the flue. It’s also nice not to have to hear all that clanking of brass connectors inside the flue. Best wishes, David”.
David S.    Eardisley, Hertfordshire.

“Hi Paul. Many thanks for your prompt service and great communication and updated information throughout the whole service. I was in two minds about ordering from the uk post brexit. I’d heard varying reports of ridiculous customs charges in relation to the value of goods. You navigated the system very efficiently. I couldn’t have asked for better. I can’t comment on the actual use of the rods yet because i’vé just had the chimney swept. They look all they were described to be and I look forward to using them for many years to come. Thanks again.”
Amanda S.   Alloinay, France.

“Hi Paul, just wanted drop you a line to let you know that we have successfully used the flexichimneyrods and I am delighted to say that they seem to have done the trick and we now have a fully operational stove once more. 🤗
Very impressed at how easy they were to use after watching your YouTube video so we will definitely be more confident with sweeping both our chimneys from now on.
Your prompt service has meant we managed to get it done before the really cold weather has set in up here and having a warm living room is so much appreciated….. especially by our dog as you can see.😂 Hope things get better soon down there in Poole so you can venture out safely.
Thanks again from a chilly North Coast of Scotland.”
Kristina H.     Sutherland, Scotland.

“Good Morning Paul, You asked for feedback and I would like to provide it.
An amazing product. My dad and I spoke about the idea of protecting the joints with nylon and using a flexible rod that was both tough and yet bendy at the same time as the perfect combination. I like the weight and the brush head design did a great job. In fact I have just ordered the 5″ brush this morning so I can do the other chimney.
I have kept your thread covers on to ensure the threads are not damaged in the future and the gloves were a very thoughtful gesture. Thank you.
Service wise, we are always trying to find local and independent businesses to support, but often service is lacking, you are certainly not in that category. Your service, time for delivery and delivery were as described and your follow up emails personal and detailed. It is great to also provide the videos and tips to go along with your product and really shows your interest in the customer. So Paul, a big thank you. I will be suggesting you to my friends. A great, robust product that I think, should last for years and be very effective in my routine chimney maintenance. Have a fantastic day.Regards, Maurice”
Maurice R.    Glasgow.

“Good morning Paul, Took delivery of my new flexi chimney rods yesterday ,”Many thanks and the 48 hr delivery service” we wasted no time trying out this new product we purchased with excellent price, screwed on the 6″ spiralled soft nylon brush and had no problem in sweeping our wood-burner chimney, glided up & down like a dream. Kind regards, D”
Derek J.     Bristol, S. Gloucester.

“Hi Paul, Just a quick note to say thank you. All the postive reviews on your product are totally well deserved. The rods and brush were ordered on Sunday night, arrived at 2pm on Tuesday and were unpacked, your video watched, chimney swept and kit packed back up by 3pm. Excellent service and support, I’m already saving time and money. All best to you. Vince”
Vince B.    Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

“Hi Paul, Just to let you know the new rods worked a treat. I’m very pleased with them. The wood burner was very easy to sweep. The first rod and brush went into the flue with ease (usually a struggle using traditional rods) and the rest of the flue was swept without any problems. I had a very clear indication when the brush had entered the cowl – much more so than using traditional rods. Today I swept the Aga flue which I was a bit nervous about as it has 2 x 45 degree bends in the flue and this was the first time I have swept it since the flue was replaced last year. I took it slowly and the brush went up through the 2 x 45 degree bends without any resistance and reached the cowl without any problems.
So I am very pleased with the rods and brushes. Well worth the money. Kind regards, Anthony”.
Anthony R.    Holsworthy, Devon.

“Hi Paul, Have used the rods a few times now. I really appreciate how I can sweep from the ground instead of having to get onto the roof and sweep from the top down.
We have a Rayburn 355 with central heating boiler, the flue gasses are always cooled by the boiler, so we have creosote build-up no matter how dry, or how hot we have the fire, we burn Australian hard woods, and thus, sweeping monthly is required. If we get damp wood, then we need to clean promptly after discovering its damp.
With your flexible rods and brush, most of the harder deposits are removed, and we can extend our wire brush sweep due to sweeping weekly from the ground.
I am pleased that we invested in a set of flexible rods from you, it was a gamble for us since we did not have anywhere to try prior to purchasing.
Very glad we did, its a valuable addition to our sweeping program. Kind regards.”
Grant H.    Clare, South Australia.

“Paul, Thank you. My order arrived at it’s destination as promised, Dec. 23- great service! I picked it up after Christmas and used it yesterday to clean my chimney. I’ve attached a photo of the bottom of my chimney, where the clean-out is located. Very tight quarters and a sharp angle to get the cleaning brush into the chimney. The rods are flexible enough to negotiate this bend and allow me to clean my chimney from the bottom, rather than having to climb onto my roof. So far your product is working as advertised for me! Thanks again.”
John H.     British Columbia, Canada.

“Just a quick note to say how very pleased I am with these rods. I lined my chimney last year with a 5″ stainless liner. These are the only rods out there which, because of the absence of metal fittings, will not snag a costly liner. They are an absolute delight to use. I have an offset in my flue…barely felt any change in resistance. The flue brush is fantastic: a photo up the stove pipe after sweeping revealed a very clean surface. Prior to assembling the rods I used a little silicone grease on all the threads (I’m a plumber, so always have some to hand) which not only prevented cross-threading, but also kept any soot out from the threads . Great piece of kit. Highly recommend. Thanks again Paul.”
Andrew C.     Niton, Isle of Wight.

“Hi Paul, Woohoo job done! Rayburn chimney bunged up – with a 6 week wait for chimney sweep – time for some DIY ‘cos snow forecast and Christmas imminent .
Also done Jotul log burner. Now need to order 6″ brush for main log burner. This is going to work out very cost effective methinks.Regards,”
Clive W.    Wigton, Cumbria.

“Well Paul had a chance to use your rods and brush today. All I can say is WOW, wish I had known these existed years ago.I have 22ft 8″ of stainless steel liner inside a 10″ by 10″brick chimney with an 8″ SS tee just above the clean out. I removed my 7” flue which is about only 2 ft . It slid up the chimney with ease turning inside the 90 degree tee very easy I just continued to screw on each rod as I went up. I went right to the top then I told my son I have to make a wish before I go out to see it which I did. I pulled it back down inside my stove(wood furnace room) and my son helped me just curled a bit then I pushed it right back up again right to the top. I unscrewed each section as I pulled it down and wiped with damp cloth. Got a mirror and looked up the liner it was clean as a whistle. Only thing I am concerned about is the threads on the rods getting damaged but i put the little tubes which you included with them for protection. No more getting on roof tops for me to clean chimneys. Thank God! or Thank Paul! I will show your product to all my friends over here who are in the same situation as me who has to climb on the rooftop to clean their chimneys. If anyone is sitting on the fence trying to decide will this product work for for me wait no longer because it will work perfectly. I had my doubts as well but no more. If some people think maybe the price is a bit steep. Well can you put a price on your life by falling off a rooftop trying to clean your chimney. Don’t think so! Thank You Paul and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our ours to yours! One Happy Customer Just across the pond as they say..”
Craig H.     Baie Verte. Newfoundland, Canada.

“Hi Paul, Just received my Flexirods today. Ordered on the 15th and received on the 20th. Super fast shipping. Already ran it through the chimney. Worked great and fast. Easily went thru a 90° and 2 – 45° bends. After using your Flexirods, I wouldn’t use anything else ever again. Cheers.”
Howard S.     Florence, MT, USA.

“Good morning, I just wanted to let you know we rec’d the flexi chimney rods this past week and cleaned our woodstove chimney on Saturday. Even with the bends in our chimney, the rods made it through and cleaned it. We were quite impressed. You definately have a great product. Thank you.”
Dara C.      Westover, PA, USA.

“Hello Paul, Just a few lines to say how happy I am with your product, its true what people say ‘you only get what you pay for’, I can honestly say that your rods are a real piece of 1st class material, well done and I wish you many happy years of trading. Kind regards. Gilbert.”
Gilbert D.    Wadebridge, Cornwall.

“Hello Paul, Just wanted to let you know that we received your rods on Friday and tried them out on Saturday. Worked a treat, made it round all our bends with ease. Such a relief as this was our third set! All of the others were far too stiff to make the bends. Thankyou for your help and feedback. Greetings from Holland.”
Helen P.        Zevenhuizen, Netherlands.

“Hi Paul, The rods and brushes were delivered on time, Just used them on my two wood burners and my daughters Wood burner. I can not stress how much easier they are compared to my conventional rods,they are great. The only concern I had, was a couple of the rods had ruff threads on the male ends,so were a bit stiff to screw together when using the first time, I was worried about cross threading them. when doing the third flue, one of them was getting much freer to put together. The rest of the rods are fine. I think a little care is needed not to scrape the male ends of the rods on ruff floors ect. and damaging the threads (they are nylon not hard metal) Apart from this little gripe, I would still recommend them, they are just so easy to use. Regards Dave R.”
David R.    Driffield, East Yorkshire.

“Hello, We purchased your rods from watching your YouTube video. Our chimney flue and liner have a 45 then a 30 then another 45 degree bend and we thought this would be difficult to sweep. But I cannot stress how good the rods and brush are they went up the flue with no problems I am very pleased with the product. Thanks Alex.”
Alex E.    Doncaster, Nottinghamshire.

“Hello. Your rods are ideal for a DIY person such as myself as they are easy to use and did not cause damage to my new flue liner. I had to replace my previous liner because a ‘Professional’ sweep used the old type heavy duty rods and stiff brush and damaged it beyond repair“.
Christopher W.   Kington, Heredfordshire

“Paul, Really looking forward to getting these brushes. I bought so called top of the range power sweep brushes and they wrecked my liner within 2 years due to the metal fixings and I was gutted. So glad that these brushes have been developed from all nylon and I will certainly pass on your website to everyone I know so that they can get them and not end up being caught out like I did. Thanks, Ed”.
Edward T.   St. Austell, Cornwall

“Hi Paul, I would just like to let you know that the rods and brush I ordered last Thursday (2nd Mar.) were delivered on Monday afternoon, 3 working days UK to Ireland very good. I had a few questions about the product which were answered very swiftly via email before I placed my order. I used them for the first time on Tuesday morning and they were a pleasure to use. I will only need to sweep my chimney two more times then they will have paid for themselves. I would defiantly recommend these. Regards, John”.
John I.    Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo, Republic of Ireland

“Paul. The rods and brush head arrived yesterday….all intact. Today saw me having my first ever attempt at sweeping. Whilst I’m not quite in the same league as Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, they were so easy to use that I feel it won’t be long! Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Very much appreciated. Kind regards”.
Geoff L.    Sandown, I.o.W

“Thank you for the swift despatch of my order. Definitely does “what it says on the tin”, but, if I may suggest an extra bit of kit?
A small handle to facilitate turning the brush and rod string, particularly when round a 90 degree bend would be helpful”.
Peter D.     Beith, North Ayrshire

“Hello Paul, the rod set I purchased from you is fantastic and an absolute must have for anyone with stainless steel liners, I have two and was very concerned that the normal drain/chimney rods would certainly scratch or damage their internal integrity when sweeping! your flexi rod set did the job easily with only one sweep and obviously did not damage or scratch the internal surface at all, the nylon flexi rods move easily up or down the flue with no snagging due to the chamfered connectors, the spiral design of the brush cleans with out a lot of twisting and the soot nicely passes through it, being a retired Fire officer I have used rods on chimney fires many times during my career and this was the easiest sweep ever, a great investment and I will easily recoup the cost of them on next years clean, they are very study yet ultra flexible and I am sure they will last a lifetime, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Very quick postage BRILLIANT! A1++++++”
Kevin F.      Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

“Thank you! Excellent product, well packaged, efficiently dispatched and delivered!”.
Graeme K.     Stowmarket, Suffolk.

“hi paul, thanks for supplying these. Used them last weekend and took about 5 mins to do the aga chimney. easy and no problems getting round 5 bends. chris”.
Chris W.     Sheffield Park, East Sussex.

“Hi, We have today received our chimney rods and we are delighted with them. Great product and will save us a lot of money doing it ourselves. We will be recommending these to our friends. Kind regards”.
Emma H.     Radstock, Somerset.

“Hi, thank you for the rods and brush I recently ordered. I have finally got round to using them and am pleased to say they perform just as promised. With my woodburner I normally undo and remove the flue above the stove to insert the drain rods and basic chimney brush I previously used. I still did this for my first use of the Flexirods and quickly cleaned the chimney. After reassembling the flue and stove I thought I\’d try inserting the Flexirods up through the stove after removing the internal fire brick lining. I was very dubious of doing this as the aperture is fairly small and my previous brush and Bailey rods would never have gone through without damaging the stove and flue. I\’m very happy to say your rods and brush went up and through fairly easily which now gives me the confidence to clean the chimney more often as I won\’t have to dismantle the flue each time which creates more mess and hassle and is quite time consuming. The only very small niggle I have is the delivery from Royal Mail was a bit slow, didn’t help I was excited to get hold of them to test them out. (yes I am sad enough to get excited about chimney cleaning rods) And to top it all my wife is very happy as included in the package was a pair of small gloves she can use for gardening, shame there wasn\’t any to fit my extra large hands! I would thoroughly recommend the Flexichimneyrods”.
Dave M.    Oxford, Oxon.

“Paul..just done.. very good product and service ..just finished cleaning log burner flue ..piece of cake ..also good advice on brush with cone to prevent liner damage , thanks jb”.
John B.   Worthing, W.Sussex

“Very pleased, thank you”.
Christine M.   Camarthen, Camarthenshire

“Exellent service done the job a treat & very quick delivery 10/10”.
Micheal B.   Leeds, W. Yorkshire

“Your rods managed to negotiate the 90 degree bend through the top of my Rayburn cooker cover plate hole, up into the 6″ enamel flue and on into the 8″ s.s. liner – excellent result!”.
Steve S.    Norman Cross, Peterborough

“Fantastic – Very 🙂 happy with purchase”.
Diane M.     Whytleafe, Surrey

“Hi, just a few lines to say how pleased we are with the chimney rods which we have recently purchased, we are more than happy with the price and quality, thank you for your fast response. I will definitely recommend you to freinds and family”.
Mike W.    Hamworthy, Dorset

“Hi.Paul Thanks for very quick delivery.I used them this morning on my three wood burners.Excellent!All done in no time at all.One of the stoves had a 90 degree start bend and it coped with it adequately after a little initial coaxing.Thanks again for great product, Alan”.
Alan T.     Melksham, Wiltshire

“I must admit when I first received the rods I wasn’t sure. But after using them several times my doubts were overcome. They are very good to use and I am extremely pleased with them. A good product that I will recommend to anyone. Thanks again and for the gloves”.
John L.     Market Rasen, Lincolnshire

“Excellent personal attention to my order by Paul. Great product!”
Micheal L.     Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

“Would recommend, great service”.
Jennifer W.     Walsall, W. Midlands

“Delighted with product, service and price”.
Sue S.      Loughboro, Leicester

“Very pleased with my purchase, good eBay seller”.
Ronald H.      Birmingham, W. Midlands

“Really fast service – v.good, thanks”.
Charlotte M.       Hevingham, Norfolk

“Super fast delivery. Great quality product & communications. Recommended seller”.
Simon K.      Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire

“Very nice ebayer with fast transaction and nice items”.
Taku T.       Harrow, London

“Excellent eBayer, great service, fast post, A1, THANKS”.
Derek S.        Accrington, Lancashire

“As described, good quality, delivered quickly, would buy another, A+”.
Pauline G.      Southampton, Hampshire

“Received in good order and used same day. The rods and brush are really good products. I would recommend to anyone with a wood burning stove”.
Martin S.        Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

“Having never attempted to sweep our chimney ourselves, we were really pleased to discover how easily the rods and brush were to use. Our flue has a couple of sharp-angled bends, making the task more difficult. However, with a little gentle persuasion, the rods popped out of the chimney top and we were able to bring down an incredible amount of soot & debris on the downward journey.
we are delighted wit both the product and service. Thank you”.
Roy B.     Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthanshire

“Thanks Paul. Very pleased with the results after using your product on my awkward angled chimney breast. It was easy to assemble and worked a treat. Please feel free to add this as a testimonial on your web site”.
Zane C.       Bournemouth, Dorset

“Hi Paul, I ordered from you on the 9th Nov and the package arrived today 15th Nov in southern France. Well done to you and to Parcel Force for a great delivery.
I opened up and connected 4 rods and a 5″ brush to sweep a log burner flu with 2x 45° bends. It worked perfectly, easily going round the bends led by the ball on the brush head. 10 minutes later the job was done, cleaned up and gear put back in the packaging for storage. Second flu to be done at the weekend.
To get the same job done by an artisan costs around 100€ per flu, so return on investment is one sweep of 2 flues. Value balanced this coming weekend.
What can I say? Great product and service. Glad I found you on YouTube.
Good luck and best regards”.
Tony R.        Pelleport, France

“Thank you Paul. The Rods are excellent! works great on a 10m chimney with two 45 degree bends.It is the first time I can clean the chimney right from the stove without disassembling the 4 pipes that goes to the ceiling.The 6 inch brush fits & cleans the 6 inch chimney as expected.
Its smart & simple, very flexible, and easy to work with. The idea of no metal parts is great – no scratches to the flue liners.
Order & payment were very easy, and the delivery was fast. I highly recommend it!”
Uri Y.       Jerusalem, Israel

“Hello Paul, I swept the flue today, which was a task long overdue. As I previously explained, I have to go through the stove into the pipes, around three bends, before the brush even gets to the flue liner, which itself has a slight curve prior to the vertical. It didn’t require too much extra force to drive the brush around the bends, and I managed it with only the five rods. The brush shifted a lot of soot and debris from the flue, doing a great job.
The rod and brush set are excellent, and they’ll pay for themselves after only two sweeps compared to the cost of getting a chimney sweep to do it. The pair of gloves you sent free of charge was a really nice gesture and very much appreciated.
I have no hesitation in recommending this product, if it can get around my unusual configuration of pipes, bend and flue liner, it’ll do the job on any chimney. Many thanks. Yours sincerely, David”
David M.      Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire

“Hi Paul. Thanks for your advice. The 6 inch brush turned out to be fine for the job. I had previously wasted money on a cheaper kit which I then found couldn’t navigate round the offset entrance to my wood stove chimney. Your flexi rods and brush are of a much higher quality and have been able to do the sweep quickly and efficiently. An altogether worthwhile investment! Regards, Nick”
Nick B.     Pitlochry, Pethshire

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