flexi chimney rods

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Sold in the USA

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flexi chimney rods sweeping kit
flexi chimney rods sweeping kit
flexi chimney rods sweeping kit

Delivery via FedEx Int. or ParcelForce Worldwide is only $52  – that’s a 33% discount on the actual cost! ~ 3 to 5 days delivery (excluding w/ends).

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Chimney Sweeping Kit with Brush Options


Select the same size Brush as your chimney liner diameter.

Each  flexi rod is 4 ft 11 inches (1.5M) in length.

[$ = US Dollars].

All Nylon Chimney Sweeping Kit Product info.

Exclusively, unlike all the other rods on the market now, the flexi chimney rods do not use riveted metal/brass couplings to join the rod lengths together which is the main culprit for causing damage to the liner. Most importantly flexi rods are extremely flexible. Not like the general purpose (DIY store type) domestic drain cleaning rods made of stiff polypropylene.

The Brush has spiralled soft nylon bristles designed for sweeping tight bends in lined and twin walled chimney liners. Fitted with a guide ball for easier navigation.
The brushes are made oversize for maximum efficiency in sweeping the liner.

Super flexible natural nylon rod – hard wearing, strong and tough.

Soot, tar and creosote resistant – simply wipe the rods clean.

Designed specifically for sweeping past tight bends in lined chimneys & flues.

Smooth profile, all nylon components (no metal parts = no wear damage on the liner bends).

Please make sure you order the correct number of rods to avoid added postage costs.

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