We are the ONLY manufacturer that sells these rods, designed especially for chimneys and flues with liners.
They are not available anywhere else.
No other chimney rod company has ‘no metal parts’ construction.  All of our components are nylon – so NO DAMAGE to the liner, even on tight bends. 
We will NOT be beaten on price or quality – guaranteed value for money.

Used and recommended by professional chimney sweeps.

 U.S. Design Patent #29598099   ~  UK Registered Design IP #6003957

                                               Super smooth profile

Exclusively, unlike all the other rods on the market now, the flexi chimney rods do not use riveted metal/brass couplings to join the rod lengths together which is the main culprit for causing damage to the liner. Most importantly flexi rods are extremely flexible. Not like the general purpose (DIY store type) domestic drain cleaning rods made of stiff polypropylene, which will severely reduce the life of your chimney liner and potentially tear the lining and require installing another new one.
All flexi chimney rod components are hand made by craftsmen to the highest standard and quality control – not mass produced by factory machines in China or E. Europe.

So easy to use and it makes sweeping your chimney simple too  – save $ every year!

flexi chimney rods & Brush
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Lasts for a Lifetime

flexi chimney rods are made of natural nylon which has superb wear, abrasion, and chemical (oil, tar, creosote) resistance.
The rod connectors (black) and brush adaptors (white) come already fitted to the flexi rods.
The rod length (including adaptor or connector) is 4 ft 11 inches (1.5m), made for optimal ease of handling and storage.

So easy to use and it makes sweeping your chimney simple too  – save $ every year!


The Brush

A British manufactured quality brush, recommended for use with flexi chimney rods.
Spiralled soft nylon bristles, designed for sweeping tight bends in lined and twin walled chimneys.
Fitted with a guide ball for easier navigation.
Chimney Brush Sizes: 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″ and 8 inch.

 Delivery is via ParcelForce Global Priority or DPD etc.~ 5 to 6 days delivery.

No questions Money Back Guarantee if not fully satisfied, upon return of unused goods.

About flexi chimney rods

flexi chimney rods have been successfully operating as a manufacturing & trading company, based in England, since April 2010.  We are now an established manufacturer and supplier of chimney sweeping equipment, to the public and trade sectors.  Our extensive research into new and innovative equipment, both in-house and as it comes onto the global market, means we will always be able to offer the best competitive prices to our customers in the UK.
The CEO Paul  Bsc. Marine Eng. has utilized his extensive engineering background, from many years in the maritime and luxury yacht industry, to the design and development of our current and future product line.

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